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Hi there friends and followers!
I am participating in a mixed medium Art Challenge this year with fellow artisans over at Art Elements. Each month is assigned a different theme and hosted by a different artist. This is only my 2nd month participating and last month my friend Laney was nice enough to host me on her blog so that I could make something for the horse theme.

This awesome Seahorse (pattern by Patchwork Moose) was my contribution and I LOVED seeing what all the other artists made for the month of April. 

You should take a moment to check out last month’s horse challenge creations. These are some seriously talented individuals. It was SO much fun and inspired me so much that it's the reason I created a blog of my own in the first place!! 

The theme for the month of May, selected and hosted by Lesley Watt, is Tide Pools.  πŸ˜²
I simultaneously thought “awesome!!!” and “Well crap, what does that mean?? I need specifics! I need parameters!” 
Panic set in just thinking of ALL the possible interpretations of such a broad sweeping theme.  As someone who follows other people’s crochet patterns and likes deadlines and clear instruction, I knew this was going require me to stretch my comfort zone and swing for the fences!! 

This is exactly why I should be doing these challenges however because in my everyday work I have gotten very comfortable making things I know and using techniques I could crochet in my sleep (and yes, I do crochet in bed once I’ve “quit” for the day. LOL)

The reveal date for the Tide Pools challenge is May 31st so make sure to check back to see the super creative seascape I’ve made using only free form crochet as MUCH as possible. 
You won’t be disappointed! It’s so freakin’ cool!!! Until and light,
~ Raven ❣ is a sneak peek of things to come 😏


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